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VAT filing

October is the month the third quarter VAT return needs to be filed. It is very important if you have a quarterly VAT obligation, that you file and pay before the end of the month of October. The amount due needs to be on the account of the tax office October 31, the latest. That implies that if you pay on the 31st, you are too late, as the interest day (bank system) is the following day. The tax office is then more than happy to issue a 10% fine for late payment.

Today we received the message from the tax office that they will no longer send letters to the VAT entrepreneur announcing the VAT obligation. From now on you either need to know this yourself, or if you activated your account with the tax office, you will receive an email replacing the announcement by old fashion letter.

We cannot stress enough the fact that the name to whom the invoice has been addressed is key while processing the VAT bookkeeping. If the name is not on the invoice or another name than the company name is on the invoice, you cannot reclaim the VAT. The exception to this rule are receipts up to EUR 100 including VAT. The famous Ako, Hema, V&D receipts can be shared among these.

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