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2014 corporate income tax assessment

The year 2013 has not finished yet, but maybe now it is already a good time to update your 2014 preliminary corporate income tax assessment.

What is the case? During the year that you are earning a profit for your limited liability company, you can already start paying the corporate income tax of that concerning year. You might not know the exact profit to be made for the year, but if it is clear you are due 2014 profit tax, then best to start paying now already the tax.

The Dutch Government is creating new rules with respect to the interest due over outstanding corporate income tax assessments and the current rate that will be applied is 8%. The tax office will charge 8% interest over the amount of corporate income tax due after the year has been closed. A surreal percentage in a market where you do not pay this interest percentage if you take out a loan, nor do you receive this percentage if you have a savings account.

Best to avoid paying interest in the future and update your 2014 preliminary corporate income tax return now already.

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