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Startup in the Netherlands – what to do?

Are you having entrepreneur ideas? Have you not started your company yet? What is holding you back? It cannot be the incorporation procedures for a company, those are not complex. It cannot be the bookkeeping, that can be simple. It cannot be the tax filing, that can be done for you. Startup in the Netherlands, so easy.

If it is you being troubled by the choses, than we can help you out. Please contact us and we discuss the choices you have to start a company. The chose depends on the current situation and the possible future plans of the company.

The current situation could be that you are enjoying the 30% ruling. If you would like to keep that and start your own company, it can only be done in the BV form. There is a condition about the income nevertheless.

Starting a one man company does not imply you cannot have employees. You can have as many employees as you like, but the one man stands for one person owning the capital in the company.

Incorporating a foundation is possible, but we have the opinion that his is not ideal
for entrepreneurship. For instance, no payments besides salary can be made to the management of the foundation nor the founders of the foundation.

A rather old fashioned type of company is the NV company. The big brother of the BV company. There is no advantage in having a NV company over a BV company. But it does show to other that you are superior. Maybe not in company results, but certainly in share deposit.

Does this post make you want to get in touch? Go for it!


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