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January 2015 mortgage refund has been delayed

On the 15th of the month house owners can expect their tax claim to be paid by the Dutch tax office. Unfortunately for unknown reasons some of these house owners have not received this refund. Based on our investigation these payments will either come late January or the total 2015 mortgage refund amount is parted by 11 and paid from February 15 onwards.

Would you like to have a monthly mortgage refund?

If you purchased a house you can request the Dutch tax office to pay up front the mortgage refund. We will be glad to assist you in this process. The request is made by us and the tax office will pay you. At the end of the year the tax office would like to check if what they paid you is correct. This is done via filing the income tax return. When this tax return is not filed, the tax office will terminated the current monthly refund and claim back what they paid in the past to you, which was not substantiated.

Would you like to terminate your monthly refund?

If you sold your house, become unemployed or left the Netherlands you might want to terminate the monthly refund. The reason is that you are most likely no longer entitled to this refund. We can assist you in this matter.

Would you like to have a monthly assessment to be paid?

In the event that you know you need to pay tax, then you can already ask an upfront tax assessment to be paid. This works two ways. You pay immediately the tax you own, based on an estimate. Plus at the end of the year you do not have the tax money in your bank account for which you are due wealth tax at 1.2%.

For assistance contact the Orange Tax Services team.Tax Refund - Red Button

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