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Do certified auditors earn enough?

It depends who you are asking. In this in case the question is asked to the certified auditor himself and the predictable answer was No.


A certified auditor is the English term for the Dutch equivalent Accountant. A  certified auditor is a protected title. Not everybody can state he or she is a certified auditor. However, the Dutch word for certified auditor, accountant, is a non protected English term for bookkeeper. It sound much more classier, hence Dutch bookkeepers refer to themselves in English as being the accountant. The only thing they need to keep in mind is not use the same words when spoken in Dutch, as the Dutch accountant is also a protected title.

Do certified auditors earn enough income?

Apparently some certified auditors either do not earn enough income or develop their hobby too far. This certified auditor was cooking the books. He committed fraud with value added tax returns of the companies where he was the executive board member. VAT fraud is regarded money laundering by the Dutch tax office, hence the home of this certified auditor was raided.

It turned out that he had a marihuana crow place in his garage and in a warehouse he rented. He was convicted to six months in prison for VAT fraud. The court case states nothing about the outcome of the marihuana business, even though this is the Netherlands, that is illegal.

VAT fraud accountant

The justice department made a complaint with the certified auditor organization and this person was taken his license for a ten year period.

Next time you meet your certified auditor, check out if he smells funny.

Orange Tax Services

We are not certified auditors, but we like to refer to ourselves as being the accountant. We grow no marihuana neither do we use this substance, but we do file correct Value Added Tax returns.

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