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The corporate income tax return

The corporate income tax return is the tax return for Dutch legal entities such as BV company or for instance Dutch branch of Ltd company to report their result.

The corporate income tax return

The corporate income tax return is in general  equal to the calendar year. The obligation is to file a corporate income tax return before June 1 of the following year. Often a company asks for delay or it is the tax advisor that asks for a delay as he simply has no time to file the tax return.

The fine

The fine on not filing the corporate income tax return is huge. The standard fine is EUR 5.278. The Dutch tax office does as if she does the company a favour the first time the company is too late by giving a 50% discount on the fine. Still we think that is not proportional.

The corporate income tax return

The chambers of commerce

After the client agrees with the annual report the corporate income tax return is done, but another obligation is to publish the annual report with the Chamber of Commerce no later than 12 months after the financial year finished.

The penalty for not complying is EUR 900.

Orange Tax Services

We stand for shielding your company for getting any of such penalties. We are not the company that looks to stretch the law. That is more an adventure you best can do with other firms. We like to comply as you should, you pay the tax as you could have expected. And in case you are audited, you can relax.


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