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A non-resident BSN number request, how is that done?

You live abroad, you would like to purchase a Dutch property. Or you already own a Dutch property for which you need to file a Dutch tax return. How to get the non-resident BSN number in the first place to file this return?

A non-resident BSN number request

You would have to request a Dutch tax number, also known as Burger Service Nummer or BSN. In order to do so, you would have to come to the Netherlands and register in the BRP (Basis Registratie Persoonsgegevens) as non-resident. However, many issues occur, especially now with COVID-19.

Incorrect registration

One thing that can go wrong, is an incorrect registration. The Dutch tax number can be obtained by city hall. City hall issues resident tax payer BSN numbers. If you are not aware and they ask your details and Dutch address, you might assume the city wants to learn the address of your Dutch property. That is not the question, the question is your address. If you give your address, that is abroad, the city hall person will know you need a different procedure.

Should you have misunderstood and you provide your Dutch property address details as your address details, you are at the spot registered as a Dutch resident tax payer. That implies you need to report your world wide income and assets in the Netherlands. But clearly, you are not a resident, you are a non-resident.

Still, you not being a tax accountant might not see the issue on hand yet. You walk out, leave the Netherlands, and while you left, tax messages arrive on your Dutch property address. You might be a nice landlord, or not a nice landlord, regardless, the tenant often does not feel obliged to update you. The moment you are aware you have issues, is the moment the Dutch tax office seizes your Dutch bank account, because you have not paid outstanding ex officio assessments.


Besides incorrect registration, it can also be very expensive to come to the Netherlands, only to obtain a BSN. Having to travel to the Netherlands, most likely having to spend the night in a hotel, it all adds up very quickly. Can it be cheaper? Yes it can, if we assist you.


Correct, many issues, but one solution. Have us request the non-resident BSN number for you!

We require the following details:
– Full name
– Date of birth
– Full address
– Certificate of residency

With these details, we are able to request a non-resident BSN number on your behalf! Our fee to do so is EUR 100, including VAT.

We are excited to assist you already!

My name is Kelly and I think  tax is exciting!

non-resident BSN number
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