Non resident employer – what does that imply?

When your company has an employee working for you that is doing the work in the Netherlands, you are a Dutch employer. In the event you have no office or registration in the Netherlands, you are a non resident employer. What does that imply? Employment taxed in the Netherlands Tax treaties determine where a taxable…

Non resident employer

The current global possibilities to work for any company has become so easy, that you could easily work for instance for an US registered company from your home in the Netherlands. What are the consequences tax wise? Tax wise you are depending on the local legislation and the tax treaties. In the case of a…

Global payroll and non resident employer

We experience that world wide companies look for the best employees they can find and these employees not always need to be living in the home country of the company. Talent can be globally recruited without the requirement to move to the home country of the company.

Non resident employer

Your company operates internationally and you recently hired a representative in the Netherlands. This employee is the only person working for your company living and working in the Netherlands and you have no office in the Netherlands. How to process this payroll?

Non resident employer

In the event you have taken up employment with a company that is actually situated outside the Netherlands, then this can have severe consequences if not done correctly. How is it done and how simple can it be?