About Our Company

We are a Dutch tax consultant firm dedicated to assisting international clients with their Dutch tax affairs

What about our company? Our firm is a so-called registered tax firm, which means we are members of the Register Belastingadviseurs (trade organisation for registered tax accountants in Holland). In this way we can maintain the high level of quality we provide.

You are an international client, private or corporate, who either lives or wants to live in the Netherlands, and are already – or are intending to – run a company there.

The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world so we need a lot of rules to keep the economic wheels well-oiled. These rules are written in Dutch, and these Dutch rules are enforced through a system of penalties.
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A penalty in the form of a fine or which denies you a tax break is the most likely reason for you visiting this page to find out more about our company. If it was a simple matter, or if you fully understood it, you would have no need to seek our assistance.

This is exactly where we come into our own. We are compliance tax consultants, that means we do what needs to be done to prevent you being penalised.

Efficient processing of the tax return = your benefit

There is of course more to it than that, we process tax returns for you within the existing set of rules in such a way that it benefits you to the maximum. Should you have an issue with the tax office, then we will do our utmost to resolve it.

If, however, you were looking for a tax consultant to help you with dodgy rules, clandestine constructions or similar high-flying ‘creative’ advice to help you pay less tax, we have to disappoint you.

We believe this is a thing of the past. Big brother is watching us, and the Dutch tax office has certain parameters in place to check whether anything does not add up properly in your returns.

We don’t come to work every day for that kind of thing! These kind of ‘clever’ fiscal constructions never stand the test of time.

No, we come to work to help you comply with current tax legislation so no nasty letters in blue envelopes arrive on your desk.

About our company’s transparent fee structure

Our fee structure is as simple and transparent as we can make it. So we have fixed fees for:

  • The personal income tax return: Eur 390 incl VAT including tax partner
  • The entrepreneurs’ income tax return: EUR 550 excl VAT including tax partner
  • Annual report for corporate: EUR 400 – 1,250 excl VAT
  • Corporate income tax return: EUR 750 – 950 excl VAT
  • 30% ruling application: EUR 550 incl VAT

However, we cannot charge fixed fees for everything. For instance: bookkeeping. If we charged a fixed fee for that, we would end up with shoe boxes full of receipts!

We are firmly of the opinion you should do – or at least be responsible for – some of your own administration.

Payroll administration depends greatly on exactly what the client needs so we invite you to apply for a quote for those services.
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