About Our Team

We have a diverse team, each with their own particular skills

Here is a brief overview of our team. We all look forward to helping you with your own requirements and needs in the Dutch tax system.

  • Leo Aarsen – senior tax consultant

    Leo AarsenLeo is our senior tax con­sult­ant and can quote you chap­ter and verse on a whole range of tax-related issues. That said, his expertise lies with the more complex income tax returns and corporate structures. Corporate structures have money flows, and these money flows are subject to regulation. Regulations governing money flows can include loans, or intercompany transactions that need to comply with the arm’s-length principle.

    These accounting regulations are of a global nature and how the fiscal effects from these regulations are implemented in the Netherlands is not an automated process. To get to where you want to be fiscally, certain steps need to be taken. Leo is an expert in this field.

  • Laura Melzer-Boon – payroll manager

    Laura Boon-MeltzerLaura is our pay­roll man­ag­er and can help you set up your pay­roll in the Nether­lands. Even if your company has no presence in the Netherlands, Laura is able to have your company comply with the Dutch wage tax rules. Her team run payrolls according to the three-workday turn-around principle where two pairs of eyes monitor what is being done. Part of the payroll process is the 30% ruling application/processing.

  • Omar Adlouni – tax advisor

    Omar AdlouniOmar is a tax ad­visor and can answer many of your questions with respect to the personal income tax return, the preliminary income tax return and the 30%-ruling application.

  • Hermin Smith – tax advisor

    Hermin SmithHermin is a tax ad­visor and can answer many of your questions with respect to the personal income tax return, the preliminary income tax return, and child care benefits.

  • Juana Garcia Burgos – payroll

    Juana Garcia BurgosJuana is a Dutch citi­zen with Span­ish roots and an expert in her profession. Naturally, she is keen to help English-speaking clients, but Spanish-speaking clients make her heart beat a little faster.

  • Juliska Gresch – payroll

    Juliska is our pay­roll expert and she spec­ial­ises in set­ting up and ex­ecuting the larger pay­roll admin­istrations. Larger here means those exceeding 30 employees. She can help with all aspects and explain to the employer or new company what needs to be done to have the set-up done swiftly.

  • Bert Spier – preliminary refund

    Bert SpierBert is our de­di­cated pre­limin­ary refund expert. We run a high number of refund requests each year which are occasioned by the purchase of a house. Every house is different – as are the mortgage loans – but Bert manages to make the whole process run fluently towards a tax refund.

  • Arnold Waal – managing director

    Arnold Waal - Managing DirectorArnold is our man­ag­ing dir­ec­tor and over­sees all. His ex­per­tise is to de­ter­mine exactly what your fiscal needs are and act accordingly. Either by assisting you himself or suggesting one of the experts of Orange Tax Services to help you.