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In these fast-changing days, two things are certain: death and taxes. We can't do much about the first but we will do our best to keep expats as up-to-date as possible through this Dutch tax blog, so please feel free to take advantage of our wide-ranging fiscal experience here in the Netherlands!

Follow the ups and downs of the fiscal Netherlands here in our award-winning Dutch tax blog. If you need any expert, professional help with your tax affairs, private or corporate, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How to create a Dutch tax haven

Often in the media the Netherlands are referred to as a Dutch tax haven. At the same time Dutch tax residents complain about the high tax rates (52% max). What...
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Participation exemption in Holland

While you orientated on starting a company in the Netherlands you very well could have learned about having one BV company is actually having no BV company. What is this...
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January 2015 mortgage refund has been delayed

On the 15th of the month house owners can expect their tax claim to be paid by the Dutch tax office. Unfortunately for unknown reasons some of these house owners...
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How not to lose the 30% ruling accidentally

If you are the person in the company stuck with the HR task, then there is a world to win with respect to the 30% ruling during the yearend checks.
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2015 Dutch tax amnesty wealth taxation income tax

Being a Dutch tax resident implies you need to report your world wide assets when the value exceeds the threshold. What if you forgot, did not know about this, or...
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Dutch BV company without resident director equals issues

Having a Dutch limited liability company known as BV company does not imply this BV company is always regarded a Dutch resident company. Under what circumstances is the BV not...
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