Incorporation of a BV company

The B.V. company construction is a Dutch legal entity commonly used to carry out company activities. The big sister is the N.V. company, but that is only used by banking institutes.

The BV company is a limited liability type of company that can only be registered by a Dutch notary.

The Dutch notary will ask you certain questions so they can draw up the deed of incorporation.

The moment the Dutch notary confirms your identity and has drawn up the deeds, the company is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce is the registrar of public trade in the Netherlands, and is where you can make inquiries about companies operating in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce is also the institute where the BV company is obligated to publish their annual accounts.

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce informs the Dutch tax office whenever a company has been registered.

The Dutch tax office will then automatically issue a corporate income tax registration number. Usually a Value Added Tax (VAT) number is issued at the same time.
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If the company intends to hire employees a separate request needs to be made to activate a wage tax number.

The Dutch tax office is the organisation which sends notices to you, the founder of the BV company.

Currently that is a notice sent in a blue envelope, so everybody knows you have a message from the tax office.

In general you cannot ignore these notices. The future will see online correspondence with the Dutch tax office, as they look to save on postal costs, printing costs and the paper envelopes themselves.

The notice from the Dutch tax office should trigger you to contact us. We will inform you what the next step is in order to comply with the rules set by the Dutch tax office and the Chamber of Commerce.

Basically these are: a monthly payroll, quarterly VAT return, annual corporate income tax return and annual publication of accounts with the Chamber of Commerce.

Although we cannot state it any more simply than this, experience teaches us that keeping up with the requirements is not always easy for companies.

Our aim is to make sure you comply, which might result in us pushing you to provide details.

Tardiness means a fine. Fines have become part of the tax office system and are becoming standardised.

For instance a mistake in your invoice, which makes the invoice conflict with VAT legislation can be punished with a EUR 4,920 fine. The EUR 4,920 fine is also the penalty for filing the corporate income tax return too late.

Fines need to be avoided, hence we might press you to comply. We know it may be inconvenient but in the end you will be glad we insisted.

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