The M-Form tax return in the Netherlands

Received The Intimidating Blue Envelope About Filing Your M-Form? Don’t Panic: Let Orange Tax Services Handle It For You!

Most expats are even eligible to receive a substantial refund from the Dutch Tax Authorities.

Let me guess…

You reached this page after your received a scary-looking blue envelope from our Dutch Tax Agency.

After you just migrated to The Netherlands and barely speak the language, you are already expected to file a complicated migration form!

You want to do this the right way. Problems with the Dutch Tax Agency are the last thing you want.

But sadly, it’s too complicated for most expats. They send you a 43-page document in Dutch. Even worse, if you call the “Belastingdienst” (Dutch tax authorities) for help, they can only talk to you in Dutch for legal reasons!

It can be incredibly overwhelming and intimidating. Luckily, there is another way.

You can let a trustworthy company like Orange Tax Services handle it for you. And guess what? It will likely even earn you money!

Exclusively for our M-Form services: we perform a FREE scan (worth €147,-) to see if you are eligible to receive money back from the “Belastingdienst”.

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Some of the Reasons Why Many Expats Make Costly Mistakes Filing Their M-Form

  • The M-Form can only be filed as a paper form. There is no online version for expats, only for tax consultancy companies. If you let us handle the process, we will file it digitally and send you the PDF
  • Filing the M-form is a hassle. It’s not straightforward and incredibly complicated
  • Believe it or not – The M-form documents are 43 pages long in you guessed it…Dutch!
  • Many expats make little mistakes when filing their M-Form which actually cost them money

Be Comforted by the Thought that Your M-Form is Filed by a Reputable and Trustworthy Company

Don’t lose sleep over filing your M-Form, let Orange Tax Services do it for you!

We have a proven track record of helping expats with filing their M-Form. We don’t cut corners when it comes to your taxes. With our high standards, we will never let you down. That’s our promise to you.

Let Us Perform a FREE M-Form Scan and Find Out If You Are Eligible To Receive A Tax Return

Did you know that most expats are actually eligible to receive a tax return in their first year of migrating?

Let us perform a FREE scan (worth €147,-) and discover if you are eligible to get money back from the Dutch Tax Authorities!

Yes, I want to receive a FREE M-Form scan – apply here!
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