Registering for Dutch tax

Depending on what you are – private individual or a company – and where you come from, there are various ways of registering for Dutch tax with the national tax authorities.

Private individuals and BSN-number

An EU citizen moving to the Netherlands can simply register themselves with the town council of the town where they will be living.

Their details are sent to the Dutch tax office by the town council who immediately issue a Dutch social security number or BSN number.

Non-EU citizens need to arrange for a residence permit in order to qualify for a BSN number.

EU citizens do indeed have the right to travel and work freely within the EU without any hindrance, but no Dutch employer will hire an employee without a BSN number.

In effect, this means that a registration is required in order to be work in the Netherlands.

People who work in the Netherlands but are actually non-Dutch tax residents also need to register with the local town council in order to obtain a BSN number.

They are automatically registered as resident tax payers, even if they are not.

They need to convince the Dutch tax office with solid evidence that they are indeed non-resident tax payers. We can be of assistance in this kind of matter.
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When Dutch tax residents leave the Netherlands, it is essential to report this personally to the town council.

The council can then arrange for the de-registration.

A forwarding address should also be made known to the council in case of any subsequent tax assessment, which will usually be a refund.

Corporate registrations

Companies registering for Dutch tax with the tax authorities do so via the Chambers of Commerce.

The tax office may issue additional forms to be completed.

Incorporation of a Dutch limited liability company – referred to as a BV company – gets registered by the Chambers of Commerce.

Branch offices are registered directly with the Chambers of Commerce as are one-man companies.

Orange Tax Services can help with all of these options of registering for Dutch tax.

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