Start-ups in Holland – advice

The tax advisors of Orange Tax Services would be delighted to assist you with the start-up or registration of your company with the Dutch tax authorities.

Branch vs subsidiary or permanent establishment

A branch is an identical registration of your limited liability company with the Dutch chambers of commerce.

Upon registration, your Dutch branch is automatically registered with the tax office as well.

Depending on the line of business, the branch will then become liable for corporate tax, value added tax (VAT or Sales Tax) and wage tax.

A subsidiary is a Dutch BV company incorporated by a foreign limited liability company. The incorporation and registration with the Chambers of Commerce can only be effected by a Dutch notary.

A permanent establishment is an office, or fixed point of reference or a fixed person being a reference to your company.
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A permanent establishment could be in the form of a branch, or as a subsidiary. A permanent establishment is the result of an actual presence in the Netherlands.

Our services and fees

Our corporate tax services include assistance with the registration of the branch office.

Our fee for this service is EUR 850 ex VAT.

We provide you with a list of documents. As soon as we have all the necessary details, the registration is completed – usually more or less the same day.

The costs of the incorporation of the subsidiary depend on the amount the notary charges you for this service.

Our tax advisors can assist you with making the choice between having a branch registered in the Netherlands or incorporating a subsidiary.

There are substantial differences between the two types of companies. The fee for advice is EUR 160 per hour ex VAT.

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