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Get a ground­­ing in NL tax with our FAQ

You will have your own particular tax questions depending on your own situation, but perhaps our FAQ section will help you to find your feet. Choose a section and off you go!

Not really; the 30% ruling means that 30% of your gross salary does not get taxed at all. The 30% ruling also offers additional benefits like wealth tax exemption, exchanging your foreign driver’s license for a Dutch one, and tax exemption for international school fees.

This is made jointly by the employer and the employee. If your employer has no preference who applies for the ruling, we will be happy to assist for a fixed fee of €550 incl VAT.

Afraid not! Your partner is with you for love and that is not enough for the 30% ruling. They can only apply for the ruling if they were also recruited for a job of their own.

If you are less than 30 years old and you have a master’s degree, a lower minimum salary is applicable. However, the day you turn 30 you need to meet the regular – higher – minimum salary. If you do not, you immediately lose your claim to the ruling forever.

Yes you do, because things like mortgage interest deduction, study costs deduction, or taxable assets etc, can be shared between tax partners. We are aware that the larger tax advice companies only offer to do your partner’s tax return as part of an expat package. That is not a joint return. If that is the case we are happy to do your return without your partner. Our fixed fee is €390 incl VAT.

The 401K is not part of your Box 3 wealth tax.

That depends on the situation but if you only had salary income in the Netherlands – and have less than roughly EUR 30,000 in assets per person – no tax return needs to be filed.