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Partners and Expat Resources

In our fiscal and tax-related dealings on behalf of expats in Holland over the years we have come into contact with many expat resources: groups – corporate and social – which operate in related areas.

These include expat mortgage and housing specialists or payrolling bureaus. Other useful sites for our (potential) clients will also appear on this expat resources list which is updated from time to time.

(Please note: this site does not guarantee the content or services provided by the listed sites and/or expat resources.)

  • Expat Mortgages

    Amsterdam-based company who work with expats in Holland, leading them through all the bureaucratic obstacles involved in buying a house or property in the Netherlands.

  • 27House Real Estate

    With a foot in both Dutch and expat camps, this company’s team comprises native speakers of both Dutch and English. They specialise in housing advice for expats either relocating to or already living in Holland, and pride themselves on their personal service and professionalism.

  • FMP payrolling services

    A global leader in payrolling and HR solutions for large and small companies alike, FMP’s aim is to make payrolling easy. An international network of contacts provides expert, local support.

  • Wilson’s Workouts

    Lorna of Wilson’s Workouts is based in Amsterdam and gives Personal Training sessions, Boot Camp and Buggyfit classes. She is a Biomechanics Coach specialising in the reducing pain and the prevention of injury.

  • Assist verzuim

    A total supplier of health and safety services. With a personal, results-oriented approach. You get a fixed contact and access to our experts who have extensive knowledge and experience. There is always a location in your area where your employees can consult one of our company doctors. More information? Call 0548 533 525 or email us.

  • EBC Amsterdam – office rentals

    EBC Amsterdam provides various office suites with full-service in the city centre.


    Contact for a free BPM tax quote for importing your car into Holland from abroad!

  • Amsterdam Housing

    Amsterdam Housing: YES we are the only real and original Amsterdam Housing!

  • BB Assurantie Service

    BB Assurantie Service is where to go for tailored financial advice. We like to give you the best service with the emphasis on the personal angle.

  • Buma │ Algera Notariaat

    Buma │ Algera Notariaat is an experienced notarial practice in Amsterdam that has the right people in the right positions, with a focus on properties.

  • Mie-lan Kok estate agency

    Mie-lan Kok estate agency has been helping expats successfully buy and sell residential properties in Holland for many years. Let the expat-experts help you!

  • Dutch Tax Office

    This is where to find all the latest on Dutch taxation and policy. The site is mainly in Dutch, but there is also an English-language section with lots of helpful information.


    A welcome addition for English-speaking expats in Holland. Stay up-to-date on the domestic Dutch news, all explained in clear English.

  • Orange Tax Services

    Orange Tax Services specialise in fiscal and administrative services for non-Dutch clients.