Corporate services

We also provide compliance and fiscal advice services in the corporate field. We process the administration of the company, compile annual reports, file publication reports and corporate income tax returns.

Moreoever, we can advise you on your day-to-day fiscal needs.

Business start-up information

Starting, setting up or continuing a company in the Netherlands? We can advise you on this as well.

And we prefer practical solutions wherever possible. So a foreign limited liability company may be the best way to start up or continue business in the Netherlands.

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However, a Dutch BV company or a Dutch one-man company (eenmanszaak) is also a good alternative. Please contact us to set up a meeting during which we can inform you about the various options available.

We can also tell you more about our services and offer a quote. This first meeting is free of charge.

Setting up a branch

Opening a branch in the Netherlands is a way for you as a non-resident company to investigate the opportunities there might be in the Netherlands.

OTS Tax Team member
OTS Tax Team

You reg­ister with the Cham­ber of Com­merce, no new en­tity is created and the rights and obligations that exist after the registration with the Chamber of Commerce are identical to those for the Dutch limited liability company, the BV company.

The advantage is that you can start up quickly and, if you ever decide to discontinue the registration in the Netherlands, the registration is easily terminated.

A ‘dormant’ registration is not possible in the Netherlands.

Foreign office in the Netherlands

A Dutch-registered foreign limited liability company, a Dutch one-man company (eenmanszaak) and of course the BV company can hire employees.

For the labour agreement part we can refer you to a labour laywer, while we assist you with the fiscal aspects of the payroll administration.

We can set up a payroll for a non-resident employer, resident employer in the Netherlands, or in Europe or globally.

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If the client wishes to have the payments effected via our third party bank account, we present one fund request to be paid to that account from which we make the payments to the employees (national or international) and to the tax office and other parties who may request payment.

At the end of the year, the employee receives an overview for his or her tax return and you have already received monthly journals to update your bookkeeping with the costs for the Dutch employees.

Administrative assistance

OTS Payroll Team member
OTS Payroll Team

The ad­minis­tra­tion of the com­pany can be car­ried out by us, or by you. If you would like to do the ad­ministra­tion yourself, then this requires more than a basic knowledge of bookkeeping.

We can also process the bookkeeping for you. We provide you with instructions on how to keep track of the documents and how and when to present them to us for the value added tax (VAT) return.

We file the VAT return and inform you about the result: an amount either to be paid or to be refunded to you. At the end of the year the profit tax return is filed.

The services we offer:

Our fees for fiscal administration of your BV company

If your BV company becomes a client of Orange Tax Services, we can offer the following rates for all the fiscal aspects that come along with running a BV company:

  monthly quarterly annually
Monthly payroll of the managing director EUR 100   EUR 1,200
Value Added Tax return based on a small company admin   EUR 150 EUR 600
Annual report, including publication of the report and minutes of the shareholders’ meeting     EUR 400 – 1,250
Annual corporate income tax return     EUR 750 – 950

Additional costs:

30% ruling if applicable EUR 550 (One-off charge)
extra employee EUR 10 (Per month)
bookkeeping if the bookkeeping exceeds that of a small company EUR 100 (Per hour)
fiscal assistance EUR 120-250 (Per hour)

Set up service BV company

We offer a EUR 1,800 excl. VAT service for the setting up of the BV company. This service includes arranging for the notary and checking the deed of incorporation.

The BV is registered with the Dutch Chambers of Commerce and the Dutch tax office for corporate income tax purposes.

This service does not excuse you from your obligation to meet the notary in person.

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