Expat services

We can assist expats or private individuals who arrive in the Netherlands from abroad with their expat tax related issues, such as filing the income tax return, or helping them to set up a company in the Netherlands.

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We can also as­sist the expat and his or her em­ploy­er in the app­lica­tion of the 30%-ruling.

The 30%-ruling implies that if certain criteria are met and the application has been requested from and granted by the tax office, then 30% of the taxable income of the expat is exempted from taxation.

This is regarded as a reimbursement of expenses, which means this portion may not again be subject to taxation for instance in the USA (if the expat is a US national, they still have an obligation to file the US tax return). We can help with private US tax returns as well.

30%-ruling and US national/greencard holder

An expat with the 30%-ruling and US nationality, or who holds a US greencard, can reduce his Dutch tax burden even more by the days worked abroad. Please contact us to learn more about this.

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An expat without the 30%-ruling, but who is actually not living in the Netherlands, but only working in the Netherlands, can also reduce his Dutch tax burden with the days spent abroad.

Mortgage refund request

Expats who purchase a house in the Netherlands with the intention of making this their home, can deduct the mortgage costs from their Dutch taxable income.

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OTS Tax Team

We will be happy to as­sist in ei­ther mak­ing the mort­gage cost de­duc­tion in the in­come tax return, or via a pre­liminary refund, or assist you with finding a mortgage advisor who is familiar with the special expat circumstances.

The services we offer:

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