Global payments

Orange Tax Services can help in many practical ways with international payments. Why not take advantage of our trusted and efficient services to help you achieve your business targets? Just look at what we offer:

  • Make payments to 135 different countries or areas
  • Get support from genuine specialists in foreign exchange
  • Strategies and tools to suit your company’s situation
  • Years of hard-won experience in the field
  • Make big savings on international wire costs – no international bank charges!

Optimise each transaction

Arnold Waal, Managing Director of Orange Tax Services
Arnold – Managing Director
When you are try­ing to grow your busi­ness, suc­cess­ful and re­liable inter­nation­al pay­ments say a lot to your overseas contacts and colleagues about the way your outfit performs.

The way international payments are carried out can give you a great head start in business – if they are done effectively and without problems.
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Good payments encourage overseas confidence in your company and we have the tools available to help you do this and so cement your relationships with overseas partners.

And ease of use is a key part of our strategy for your payments and administration.

We have built up a worldwide network of global banking contacts and this covers not just international payments but also domestic transactions as well.

So you save on international bank charges as all payments are carried out like local transfers from one bank account to another.

Your beneficiaries likewise profit from this arrangement.

Here’s how we make the payments easy

  • transfers can be made in more than 135 currencies
  • wires, drafts and ACHs
  • real-time exchange rates
  • beneficiaries get automatic notifications
  • straightforward tracking of payments
  • wide range of reports available
  • payments can be scheduled or made immediately
  • reduce currency risks with our special tools
  • strategies tailored to your business needs
  • dedicated foreign exchange support from specialists

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