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  • Airline pilots taxed where they work or where they life? (0)

    Airline pilots are subject to taxation over their income as well, but how and where are they taxed? They fly over so many countries, is their activity assumed an activity in that specific country they fly over or have simple rules been issued. Where is an Airline pilot taxed? That depends on certain factors. Some […]

  • Non resident employer (0)

    The current global possibilities to work for any company has become so easy, that you could easily work for instance for an US registered company from your home in the Netherlands. What are the consequences tax wise? Tax wise you are depending on the local legislation and the tax treaties. In the case of a […]

  • 2016 income tax return (0)

    The 2016 income tax return is due and we will be glad to assist you. The Dutch tax residents who had the following situation in 2016: More than one employer A private company A Mortgage on the home being the main residence Are required to file a 2016 income tax return. The Dutch tax residents […]

  • Minimum salary requirement BV company (0)

    The minimum salary requirement in a BV company has always been fiscal topic. That will not quickly change. I will address some aspects of the minimum salary requirement in this article. The salary requirement addressed, is the salary a managing director shareholder can pay him or herself. As the managing director shareholder is in charge, […]

  • The 30% ruling is granted, but you become 30 years old? (0)

    30% ruling specific expertise One of the requirements for being entitled to the ruling tax free allowance is that your have specific expertise. Expertise that is not or barely available on the Dutch employment market. You meet this requirement if: your salary is at least € 52.699 including the 30% ruling allowance per year (2016) […]

  • Immigration into the Netherlands (0)

    You are currently living abroad and you would like to move your residence to the Netherlands. What does immigration into the Netherlands imply tax wise? Immigration into the Netherlands If you are from outside the EU you need a residence and or work permit. If you are from the USA you can also arrive into […]

  • the expat housing seminar – Double Tree Hilton Hotel Amsterdam (0)

    The expat housing seminar is organized  for assisting expats in the process of purchasing a house. The current situation in the Netherlands is that you can loan money at a historic low interest percentage to purchase a house that will become your main residence. We experience that the monthly costs for a mortgage loan set […]

  • The 30 percent ruling – what is that? (0)

    Within Europe nations do their best to attract skilled workers from abroad and in order to have them chose for the Netherlands instead of the United Kingdom for instance, fiscal incentives are offered. That is the reason for the 30 percent ruling. Among the offers is a EUR 7.700 tax free relocation reimbursement that can […]

  • Startup and tax (0)

    Having a great idea for a service or a product does not necessarily mean you also know how to actual make this work tax wise. Here we can help you out. Startup and tax The moment you actually start to do activities to explore the possibilities of your startup company, you need to setup a […]

  • Taxation related to pilots (0)

    Pilots fly all over the world, which can make it complex to tax their income. Therefore tax treaties have made rules where the income of the pilot is taxed. Taxation related to pilots turns out to be inconsequent in Europe already. And in Europe we are so proud we have mutual tax agreement with each country. […]


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