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  • Driving a car in the Netherlands is expensive – car tax (0)

    Car tax in the Netherlands is high. There is import duty on the car. If you drive a company car, a percentage of the Dutch catalogue value is added to your taxable employment income. Company car and car tax If you have been issued with a company car, the advantage of this car is regarded […]

  • How not to cheat the road tax? (0)

    Having a car in the Netherlands is expensive. Not only did you pay taxation on the import, you pay quarterly taxation on using the road. Gasoline is around 70% taxation, the other part are the genuine costs of petrol. The road tax depends on the type of petrol you use and the type of engine […]

  • How not to import a car free of BPM (0)

    In the Netherlands we have taxation on cars. The name for this tax is BPM and the reason why we pay this tax can be various. Environmental or simply cash for the Government. The system has changed over the years from a simple 45,2% tax on the Dutch import value. So many wreaks were imported […]

  • BPM new rules import tax on cars (0)

    In the Netherlands a substantial tax is levied when a vehicle is imported from abroad (BPM). We, Dutch tax residents think maybe too much, but Scandinavian country have even higher tax rates applied to import of cars. Driving a foreign license plated car as a Dutch tax resident is forbidden. There are some deductions applicable […]

  • BPM Double taxation on vehicles (0)

    In the Netherlands we charge tax on cars when imported. What if you do not import the car and tax on the car is already paid in the country where the car is registered? That is the question the high EU court has decided in. What was and is the case?

  • Dutch resident employee driving a foreign license plated car, is that possible? (0)

    That is in principle not possible, but there are situations and circumstances that make it possible. We would like to inform you as follows.


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