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  • Check your tax assessment (0)

    The income tax return was due before May 1 last. The tax residents that filed before April 1 last have received by now or will receive this week before July 1 their income tax assessment. Check your tax assessment – especially when you filed a so called M form The M form stands for migration […]

  • Pre brexit move to the Netherlands (0)

    Hard or soft Brexit, a Brexit is coming and basically nobody knows what that implies. Hence we experience many British companies setting up business already on the continent, to prevent their company being blocked from doing business with Europa in the post Brexit era. What pre Brexit move to the Netherlands can be set up? […]

  • Setting up BV company (0)

    A BV company is the legal entity in the Netherlands that can be compared with the UK Ltd, or German GmbH. Setting up a BV company in the Netherlands can be interesting, but is the BV company always a Dutch resident company? Setting up BV company A BV company is a legal entity with a […]

  • VAT Transfer costs and parking (0)

    VAT transfer costs and parking is a subject that comes alive from time to time and when it does, it is nearly always treated incorrect. What is the case? If you work for a client, you make costs. Can be any costs from purchasing paper for your printer, to parking the car at the place […]

  • Bad debt and VAT (Value Added Tax) – new style (0)

    A bad debt and VAT entrepreneur implies, an entrepreneur issued an invoice to another company or person but is not being paid. The entrepreneur who issued the invoice needs to pay the VAT on that invoice to the Dutch tax office immediately. Whether the invoice is paid or not. Sometimes a client does not pay […]

  • ZZP entrepreneur – a model agreement is required (0)

    Since the so call VAR statement has been abolished this year, the tax office will determine what is the relation a ZZP entrepreneur has with his or her client. What is the situation? Too many ZZP entrepreneurs In the Netherlands we have 1.000.000 entrepreneurs that operate without employees. The so called ZZP entrepreneur. Out of […]

  • Do certified auditors earn enough? (0)

    It depends who you are asking. In this in case the question is asked to the certified auditor himself and the predictable answer was No. Accountant A certified auditor is the English term for the Dutch equivalent Accountant. A  certified auditor is a protected title. Not everybody can state he or she is a certified […]

  • Ex officio assessment (0)

    Ex officio assessment or random assessment imposed by the Dutch tax office is a method used by the Dutch tax office to get your attention. Most of the time they succeed. It is possible to receive a so called ex officio assessment for Value Added Tax (VAT), Corporate income tax (CIT), wage tax and income […]

  • Creative invoicing should not become your profession (0)

    Operating in the Netherlands as entrepreneur is operating in a good environment. Nearly everything can be done electronically, swift responses and your tax returns you can be done online. This good environment will come to a sudden stop when you do not comply with the tax rules. Here is an example creative invoicing. Company issuing […]

  • Tax office hunting for outstanding VAT balances (0)

    Processing the bookkeeping is part of being an entrepreneur. Every quarter or month the entrepreneur needs to file the Vale Added Tax (VAT) return. In order to be able to file this VAT return, the bookkeeping needs to be in order. Just that is one of the aspects most entrepreneurs find difficult. They are good […]


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