VAT and invoice requirements

It is the month of October, the month in which the third quarter VAT return needs to be filed or in case of a monthly filing the September VAT return. A very important aspect of the VAT accounting are the contains of the invoices, not only the invoice the entrepreneur obtains when something is purchased, but also the invoices issued.Continue reading

VAT filing second quarter of 2014

This is the month of July, the month after the second quarter and in this month the second quarter value added tax (VAT) return needs to be filed and paid. This is of course a message for Dutch VAT entrepreneurs that have a quarterly filing obligation. We cannot stress too much how important it is for your relation with the Dutch tax office to meet the deadlines set by the tax office.Continue reading

Company car and final VAT return for 2013

When you are the entrepreneur driving the company car, then a percentage of the value of the company car is added to your income. Via this method the advantage of the use of a company car is taxed. Are you aware that besides this an amount of VAT is due?Continue reading

Short stay and VAT/Tourist tax

Owning real estate in the Netherlands and providing the possibility for tourists to stay for a short while in the house and offer hotel services as a laundry service, then this is regarded Short stay.

Short stay is providing the above mentioned services if it takes longer than 5 nights with a maximum period of 6 months. If you provideContinue reading