Holding BV or no Holding BV, that is the question

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs contact us for a BV set up with a Holding company and a working company. The question then is, is that wise? Holding BV A Holding BV holds the shares of the working BV. The purpose of the Holding BV is either to take the proceeds of the working BV out of the…

Is your holding BV a true holding company?

It is the end of February and by now your BV company should have had its annual report from your accountant. Perfect time to actually open the report and try to understand what is stated in the annual report. If it is not clear to you, ask your accountant to make it clear to you….

Holding structure with BV company

Starting a company in the Netherlands and using the facility of a BV company, implies basically that two BV companies need to be incorporated. One holding company and the holding company incorporates the working company. Why is this required?

Minimum salary requirement BV company

The minimum salary requirement in a BV company has always been fiscal topic. That will not quickly change. I will address some aspects of the minimum salary requirement in this article. The salary requirement addressed, is the salary a managing director shareholder can pay him or herself. As the managing director shareholder is in charge,…

What to do with cash in your BV

We recently explained to you how to make a dividend payment from your working BV company to your holding BV company. If you have done such a transfer, you have now money in the bank account. What to do with the cash in your BV? In the situation you have money in your BV company,…