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Corporate income tax

Corporate is a very formal taxation and the end result of your financial accounts. We are excited to assist you with the both of them.

Experienced team

In the corporate income tax return the payroll, Value Added Tax and bookkeeping all comes together. Fortunately, our experienced team can handle this all very efficiently.

Do's and don'ts

That's an easy one. The penalty for being late with your corporate income tax return is roughly EUR 5.400. Don’t be late, Do give yourself sufficient time to meet the deadline.

We are here for those seeking solutions for entrepreneurs in Holland. An entrepreneur is a person or company that operates in the Netherlands. The services rendered are subject to Dutch Value Added Tax (VAT), or depending on the location of the client, exempted from VAT. We have the VAT expertise in house.

In order to be able to file a VAT return, the bookkeeping needs to be done. We work with Exact Online bookkeeping. Exact offers endless possibilities to extend their software, at a cost of course. We prefer to keep it simple, but we are open to your desire.

The result of the company is for a transparent or ZZP type of company processed in the personal income tax return. A limited liability company, BV or LTD, or GMBH, is processed in the corporate income tax return.

Corporate income tax return

Owning a BV company or a foreign limited liability company in the Netherlands, means that a corporate income tax return must be filed. The moment you receive the invitation from the Dutch tax office, you have a filing obligation.

We will be pleased to process the corporate income tax return for you as part of our solutions for entrepreneurs in Holland.

We may already have been doing your annual administration and it is up to date. Or perhaps you have processed your own administration which has been provided to us and we use that as a basis to process the corporate income tax return.

In addition to the tax return we create minutes of the shareholders’ meeting to provide you with a discharge. These minutes are also the basis for the journal publication obligation which we can process if you sign off on the minutes.

So you can see all the ways we offer solutions for entrepreneurs in Holland. Why not take advantage of our competitive, transparent prices?