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Tax Troubleshooting

Let our team of experts loose on your tax issues

Tax troubleshooting

You ask, we answer. Taxation rates in the Netherlands can be high compared to other countries, please do not hold that against us. We were not part of setting the tax rates.

Experienced team

Most tax troubleshooting questions concern what we already deal with in the income tax returns. House abroad, gift from parents, pension insurance and Box 3.

Do's and don'ts

If you do not know the consequences of a tax matter, ask us before you act. It can make a huge difference.So if you do think we should assist you, contact us.

Tax troubleshooting happens when you have a situation that is not clear to you. And neither the Dutch tax authorities or your friends are able to shed light on the situation. We either are able to assist you, or if we do not have the expertise, we will inform you that we do not have the expertise. Simple as that.

Don't despair...

Most questions that arrive in our mailbox are general questions and easy to explain to you. We are also excited for explaining things to you!