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Businesses and personal tax - looking for Dutch tax solutions?

If you are looking for Dutch tax solutions, you have reached the right place! Knowing how to deal with the Dutch tax authorities requires local knowledge and expertise. Luckily, OrangeTax has that in trumps!

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Payroll by its nature has a lot to do with local tax and labour laws and this is where our excellent OrangeTax payroll team come into their own. Our prices are competitive and reasonable so let us take the strain for you.

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If you want to start up a company in Holland, we can do this for you. Our expert business team deals with matters such as VAT, corporate bookkeeping and accounting, BV setups, corporate income tax return, minutes of the shareholders' meeting and many more matters besides.

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Income tax

We keep it simple with one fixed fee for filing the income tax return for you. And we have all the expertise in house to deal with all your needs and how they relate to mortgages and other tax relief points. And we like doing it, it's exciting every time!

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Tax Troubleshooting

When all else fails and you are at the end of your tether with tax matters, remember our name. OrangeTax can help with widely varying tax areas but we find you need troubleshooting mainly for more 'normal' matters...

(More information on the Dutch income tax return is available in German on our German info site.)