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Payroll solutions in Holland from experts who know how it works

Employers abroad

Our aim with payroll is to find foreign employers with no presence in the Netherlands who employ people in the Netherlands,. However, if a big Dutch employer comes along, we will certainly not say no.

Experienced team

Dutch payroll for foreign employer – our experienced team can handle it all – three working days turnaround, payment services, fixed fees and more – exciting payroll!

Do's and don'ts

We DO NOT do umbrella payroll, nor subcontracting payroll for real employees. That is employment agency work. We DO do shop payrolls (single shop or national chain of shops), stock exchange registered companies payroll, all sizes of payroll.

Looking for payroll solutions in Holland? We provide a payroll service in the sense that the employer employs the employee, we process the salary.

Processing the salary implies that the conditions of the employment agreement are shown in the salary specification.

The employer is informed about the net salary, wage tax and social premiums.

Non-resident employer payroll

Some employers have no presence in the Netherlands, nor a fixed point in the Netherlands but they have or would like to have a Dutch resident employee working for them. The tax treaties state that the work done in the Netherlands is taxed in the Netherlands. We have a special service for the non-resident employers, the so called non-resident employer payroll.

Our fees you find on our website as well. Indeed, our fee is not EUR 10 per salary specification, as some Dutch offices offer. These are not our competitors, as we provide the full scope of service for the fee you see. No additional hourly fee charged if you have questions. And we do expect you to have questions about our Dutch payroll services. All we communicate is in English and as clear as possible.

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