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What our clients think of us

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Here is a selection of what our clients think about our services. Our thanks to all of them for their willingness to share their opinions.

Professional and trustworthy

We have been working with Orange Tax for several years. As a U.S. tax advisor, it is important that I know my clients have an experienced and trustworthy Dutch tax advisor to consult with on their complex expat tax issues. I recommend my clients to Orange Tax because I know they will receive an excellent and professional service.

Christie DuChateau
Tax Advisor

The easiest, nicest, fastest, funniest tax guy in Amsterdam

Arnold has been my go-to tax guy for over 10 years. From my very first fiscal cry for help, he has helped me with all my tax returns and advice. My Dutch husband even switched to him, as he’s really just the best. He’s fast, efficient and incredibly funny. Highly recommended.

Emma Vans-Colina
Freelance writer

Orange Taxes makes dificult things easy for you

I first was introduced to Arnold and Orange Taxes in 2009, when I was in need of a capable tax advisor who could help this expat file his Dutch taxes. I have used his services ever since.
Everything can be done in English (or Dutch of course!). Arnold is careful and patient and always willing to explain how things work and how to best proceed. In my case, I also had the 30% ruling in addition to purchasing a home in Amsterdam for the long term.
One of the things I appreciate most about Arnold and Orange Tax is that they are fast and efficient. Filing taxes is never fun, but honestly, Arnold and his team take on all the work and make sure you are filing correctly. They make it easy. Even payment is easy with modern online banking options.
Overall as pleasant an experience as you could wish for on such a topic as taxes. Taxes are “exciting” for me because Orange got them done fast and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.
I highly recommend his services to anyone who asks and I almost never give online reviews. Orange Tax has won my loyalty through good service, so I am happy to write this.

Joseph Ezerski
Technologist and Long Term Resident of Amsterdam

Professional excellence

I am a Norwegian citizen who lives in the Netherlands and was the subject of tax treaty issues between the two countries. I was lucky to find Arnold C.J Waal at OrangeTax. He undertook and resolved my taxation issues with great care, diligence and professional excellence. If you’re an expatriate and have Dutch taxation issues, rest assured that you would receive outstanding advice and assistance from Arnold C.J. Waal and OrangeTax.

Tanya Kollenberg

Very professional

Manuela Oberegger - OrangeTax testimonial

We are a Swiss company having a few employees working in Holland. Since 2009 OrangeTax has been supporting us on a very professional basis. OrangeTax helped us to set everything up in Holland (including Bank accounts) and acts on our behalf with the Belastingdienst. They provide pay slips for the employees, declare their salaries to the tax office and do all reports needed. OrangeTax keep us informed of any relevant Dutch news that could concern us. They always reply promptly to any question we have and we are very happy with the quality of the service they provide.

Manuela Oberegger
Lewry Technical Services Europe AG

Good with people

juraj fabus - testimonial for OrangeTax

I would highly recommend OrangeTax for any business owner looking for expert accounting, efficiency and excellence. Arnold and his team makes a refreshing change from the dull, grey accountant stereotype because they’re not just good with numbers, they’re good with people too.

Juraj Fabuš
Foreign entrepreneur in Amsterdam

Experienced tax advisors

Maaike Verdonkschot - OrangeTax testimonial

We offer companies to either locate here at our EBC Amsterdam office on the Keizersgracht, or use our virtual office solutions with the use of meeting rooms. A business centre like ours offers offices for flexible periods of time, whereas the common lease of an office in the Netherlands is a five-year period. If your business grows, you basically grow into a lease problem. A problem you do not have with our flexible solutions. We do this with style and that sets us apart from our competitors. Arnold Waal I have known since the mid 90’s when he was a junior tax advisor working opposite the EBC Amsterdam. Since 2005 Arnold’s company, OrangeTax, is a much-appreciated client of EBC Amsterdam. We have the opinion Arnold and his team are experienced tax advisors, hands-on and eager to assist you with tax matters. Many people think tax is boring, but Arnold advocates that tax is exciting!

Maaike Verdonkschot

Proactivity to manage my tax affairs

Mark McKeon - OrangeTax testimonial

As President of Starbucks Coffee Company EMEA and Chairman and CEO of V&D in the Netherlands between 2001 and 2013 I was supported in all my personal tax affairs by Arnold CJ Waal and his team at OrangeTax. The advice, efficiency and proactivity to manage my tax affairs was always of the highest professional standard and I would highly recommend to any ex-patriot visiting the Netherlands for business the services of Arnold and his OrangeTax team.

Mark McKeon

Willingness to take on a unique case

Sarah Brown - OrangeTax testimonial

I moved to NL for a tax-free position with an international organization, and after 5 years transferred to a local Dutch employer. OrangeTax successfully requested the 30% rule for me, as I was originally brought to NL for specialized work and would have qualified for the 30% ruling, but it was not necessary as my salary was not subject to tax. I was able to receive the 30% for the remaining eligible years, which has been a great benefit to both me and my employer. Arnold’s expertise, availability, and willingness to take on a unique case was above and beyond what I expected and well beyond my experience with other tax services. For any future tax needs I will go directly to OrangeTax and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sarah Brown
30% ruling claimant

International calibre service

OrangeTax Testimonials - Jubin Majlessi

As an expat, entrepreneur and consultant in the Financial Services industry, I have to be able to rely on an efficient and accessible book keeping and tax service. OrangeTax has successfuly provided me with that security for 5 years, consisting of solid advice and same day responses to my ad hoc queries. Often in the Netherlands, an international calibre service is hard to find, but with OrangeTax, there is no need to look further.

Jubin Majlessi
Associate Partner
Infosys Lodestone

Expert advice

Hala Abu-Jaber - OrangeTax testimonial

I am extremely satisfied with the level of service I received from OrangeTax. Not only are they very diligent with their work, but they also possess excellent customer service and are always available for any query you may have. As a foreigner in the Netherlands, it felt great to receive such expert advice especially with regards to the 30% ruling, which, thanks to OrangeTax, I have been granted. I am currently in the process of buying a house in the Netherlands and there is no doubt that OrangeTax will be my go-to tax advisers for the tax implications involved with a home purchase in the Netherlands. Great value for money! I highly recommend them!

Hala Abu-Jaber
30% ruling claimant

Repatriation made easy

OrangeTax Testimonials - Quirin Laumans

I am a Dutch national working for international development organizations, always abroad. Three years ago I moved back to The Netherlands. An expat colleague suggested that I get in touch with Arnold Waal to discuss tax issues related to repatriation. The contact with OrangeTax was very efficient and friendly. I am very satisfied with the excellent professional services of Arnold and his team. They work fast and with good results.

Quirin Laumans
International Development