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In these fast-changing days, two things are certain: death and taxes. We can't do much about the first but we will do our best to keep expats as up-to-date as possible through this Dutch tax blog, so please feel free to take advantage of our wide-ranging fiscal experience here in the Netherlands!

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1225 hours

1225 hours is a number entrepreneurs or to be entrepreneurs are very much aware of. But is it well understood by the entrepreneurs? We think not. 1225 hours 1225 hours...
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Mortgage costs deduction other house – back fired

Whether it is a lack of knowledge or a deliberate setup of events. Deduction the mortgage costs of a house that is not your main residence, that is not possible....
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Liquidation BV company

Liquidation of a BV company has recently been a hot topic. Covid19 made some internationals aware that they are needed elsewhere, hence terminate their Dutch business. How does it work?...
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Stocks options through employment – how does it work tax wise

Stocks options through employment – how does it work tax wise Some employers provide their employees with the option to purchase stock options in the company. A question we often...
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High income, low mortgage deduction – why and how does it work?

If you own a Dutch house with a mortgage, the mortgage interest deduction will sound familiar. However, some people have a “Tariefsaanpassing” in their calculation. This would translate to rate...
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Complaint made against tax law

A complaint made against tax law is what we read in the news. We have even been contacted to assist in such a complaint. If we can provide content. We...
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