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Arnold Waal

Welcome to the Orange Tax Services Blog.

We try to share some of our experience in the field by keeping you posted about tax news in the Netherlands. New tax laws, updates to existing laws and any other Dutch tax matters of interest to our expat residents here in Holland will all draw our attention.

Arnold Waal

Latest posts

  • Check your tax assessment (0)

    The income tax return was due before May 1 last. The tax residents that filed before April 1 last have received by now or will receive this week before July 1 their income tax assessment. Check your tax assessment – especially when you filed a so called M form The M form stands for migration […]

  • Pre brexit move to the Netherlands (0)

    Hard or soft Brexit, a Brexit is coming and basically nobody knows what that implies. Hence we experience many British companies setting up business already on the continent, to prevent their company being blocked from doing business with Europa in the post Brexit era. What pre Brexit move to the Netherlands can be set up? […]

  • Airline pilots taxed where they work or where they life? (0)

    Airline pilots are subject to taxation over their income as well, but how and where are they taxed? They fly over so many countries, is their activity assumed an activity in that specific country they fly over or have simple rules been issued. Where is an Airline pilot taxed? That depends on certain factors. Some […]

  • Rejected bookkeeping tax office (0)

    The moment you become an entrepreneur in the Netherlands or when you start up your BV company, you are required to process a bookkeeping. A rejected bookkeeping presents an rather undesired situation. Bookkeeping meeting tax office requirements A bookkeeping that meets the tax office requirements is one from which it becomes immediately clear what is […]

  • AMEX credit card account & Dutch tax office (0)

    Credit card company American Express (AMEX) has been told by the American court to provide the credit card details of accounts connected to a foreign  bank account to the Dutch tax office. Is that a problem? The Dutch tax office has started the process in order to force any AMEX card holder that is a […]

  • Non resident employer (0)

    The current global possibilities to work for any company has become so easy, that you could easily work for instance for an US registered company from your home in the Netherlands. What are the consequences tax wise? Tax wise you are depending on the local legislation and the tax treaties. In the case of a […]

  • Setting up BV company (0)

    A BV company is the legal entity in the Netherlands that can be compared with the UK Ltd, or German GmbH. Setting up a BV company in the Netherlands can be interesting, but is the BV company always a Dutch resident company? Setting up BV company A BV company is a legal entity with a […]

  • Deemed employment and subcontracting (0)

    We are frequently contacted by foreign companies that are subcontracting in the Netherlands at the site of the client. This is regarded a deemed employment. What is deemed employment In the Netherlands employment is not required to be agreed upon in writing. You can have a verbal agreement as well. The tax office has added […]

  • 2016 income tax return (0)

    The 2016 income tax return is due and we will be glad to assist you. The Dutch tax residents who had the following situation in 2016: More than one employer A private company A Mortgage on the home being the main residence Are required to file a 2016 income tax return. The Dutch tax residents […]

  • Minimum salary requirement BV company (0)

    The minimum salary requirement in a BV company has always been fiscal topic. That will not quickly change. I will address some aspects of the minimum salary requirement in this article. The salary requirement addressed, is the salary a managing director shareholder can pay him or herself. As the managing director shareholder is in charge, […]


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