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In these fast-changing days, two things are certain: death and taxes. We can't do much about the first but we will do our best to keep expats as up-to-date as possible through this Dutch tax blog, so please feel free to take advantage of our wide-ranging fiscal experience here in the Netherlands!

Follow the ups and downs of the fiscal Netherlands here in our award-winning Dutch tax blog. If you need any expert, professional help with your tax affairs, private or corporate, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Family loan

The family loan is a possibility in Dutch rules and regulations. Could this be more favourable? Family loan A loan is a loan, whether between you and a bank or...
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Innovationbox – WBSO

The Netherlands has an extensive knowledge development and innovation output. While innovation and R&D are inherently uncertain processes, the Dutch government has a broad range of stimulation programs. The innovationbox....
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Divorce and the main residence – How does it work tax wise?

Tax is exciting, a divorce is not. Lawyers, formalities and trying to cope with each other consumes all your energy. The tax consequences of a divorce are then the least...
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Shareholder and salary income

Shareholder and salary income is a continuous discussion. There are rules in the Netherlands. The preferred situation is low salary high dividend, but that is forbidden. The regular employees also...
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VAT audit – how not to do that!

VAT audit, never a pleasant audit as the VAT department of the tax office is very rigid. What not to do during such an audit. VAT Audit VAT stands for...
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Starting a company

Starting a company was a good idea at the time, but now you need to start doing a bookkeeping. What is involved, how should I do that, which app to...
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