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Remove client details from OrangeTax database

Form requesting deletion of client data

If you have found this page it means you may have once been a customer of ours but now no longer use our services. You have now received a letter from us in which we ask if you want your details removed from the OrangeTax income tax database.

However, please note that if your details are deleted from our database, all of the related tax information from all the time you were with us also gets deleted. So we cannot make any further adjustments to tax returns or check any assessments made. If you also had a tax partner, their details will also be deleted.

So it may be prudent to leave your details with us just in case you ever come back to us with questions about the period Orange Tax Services handled your tax assessments. The consquence will be that you continue to receive letters from us from time to time, which may be slightly irritating but is at least safe.

If you still choose to submit the form below asking for your details to be deleted, you are aware of all the above. The deletion is irrevocable.

Please enter the details requested correctly, all fields are required and don’t forget to tick the box signalling your agreement that we permanently remove your records from our database.

    Check here if you have read and accept the conditions outlined above on this page for deletion (form will not be submitted without this checkbox being ticked).