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Dutch tax FAQ - Tax Trouble­shooting in the Netherlands

Now why would you need tax troubleshooting? If you thought you had seen it all with Dutch tax law, think again. Every so often – whether individual expat or entrepreneur –  a piece of legislation can jump up and smack you in the fiscal face!

OrangeTax has been dealing with such issues for many years for its clients. Expertise and local knowledge are needed and tax troubleshooting is something we have had to master. Check out some of these FAQs for examples of where you might need some tax troubleshooting and don’t hestitate to contact us if you need help.

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The EUR 5,000 tax assessment is most likely a result of you not filing the Value Added Tax return in time. We can solve this for you, please contact us.

We presume you live abroad but still own property in the Netherlands. This would make you a non-resident taxpayer. We would have to file a Dutch non-resident tax return for this property otherwise the tax office can issue ex officio assessments. This can lead to debt collection by the Dutch tax office, which will also go as far as selling the property for any (small) amount outstanding! And the tax office’s authority is greater than that of any mortgaging bank.

Even in such dire circumstances, we might be able to find a solution – unless you are so long past the payment deadline that no-one, not even Orange Tax, could help.

That is the migration income tax return. A nice little form we will be glad to process for you for €410 incl VAT.

The employee is doing the work in the Netherlands so Dutch tax and social insurance premiums are due. We can set up a payroll for you, please contact us and we will send you a quote.

You need to register a Dutch company – we can assist you with that, invoice the foreign clients and pay company tax on the results in the Netherlands.

If you meet the conditions of the 30% ruling, apply for it and for the first five years you do not need to pay any tax on your wealth. If you cannot meet the conditions of the 30% ruling, you have to pay wealth tax. Then the question is what does your wealth consist of? Savings, 401K, IRA, IRA roth, properties, bitcoins? Depending on the answer we have a solution. We do charge for this advice service.

Need more info on Dutch tax troubleshooting for complicated fiscal issues?