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Fully Managed Payroll

In the event that your operations grow and you have people working for your company abroad, then that implies you need to have a payroll in every country you have an employee working. Every country in the world has its own system, with its own rules. The time it takes to investigate per country how it works and what needs to be done can be better used. Moreover, you never know if what you achieved in that country was enough to have an accepted payroll.

To prevent a problematic international payroll system, you can use the services of FMP to support your company. The Fully Managed Payroll company will appoint one contact person to you. This person will then liaise with all the countries you have employees in, the payroll. Not only will this be done correct and exact, but also up to date to the rules of the concerning country.

Besides the issues of the rules with respect to payroll per country, you might also find difficulty in making the transaction of the net salary, wage tax , social premiums and possible pension payments in the currencies that can apply. The FMP company solves this issue as well by asking you one money transfer for all the transactions.

Besides payroll issues, FMP can assist with local services such like the services of a labour lawyer, pension insurances. Please checkout the website

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