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Contribution to non Dutch pension insurance company through employer possible?

You are an employee arriving from abroad where you had an pension insurance with a local insurance company. You would like to continue this insurance in the Netherlands, is this possible?

Yes this is possible, but the premiums you pay are not tax deductible in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the rule is that you can only deduct from your Dutch taxable income premiums paid to Dutch pension insurance companies.

Is there an exception to the rule? Yes, there always is. If you have been granted the 30% ruling , then you can ask permission from the tax office to continue the payment of the non Dutch pension insurance and deduct the premiums paid from your Dutch taxable income via the payroll.

The criteria to be met are set by the tax office. Criteria such as the pension should have already existed a certain period before your arrival in the Netherlands, the type of policy should be in line with the Dutch system and the period during which you can contribute to the pension under these approved circumstances is maxed at five years.

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