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Starting entrepreneur in the Netherlands, watch the deadlines of the tax office

Starting a company in the Netherlands is not complex, but not meeting the deadlines of the tax office can make it complex being an entrepreneur.

After you registered your one man company or after you incorporated you BV company, you will receive messages in blue envelopes, that is communication from the tax office and you need to keep good track of that.

The first messages are their type of welcome messages. They welcome you having being a VAT entrepreneur and or employer for the wage tax. With such a message is provided the username and password with which you can file the tax returns.

From next year on the tax office will no longer send you a message per regular mail to inform you that you need to file your VAT return or wage tax return. You have to either know the deadlines, or you learn about the deadline after you logged on with the user name and password.

Not meeting the deadline of the VAT filing or wage tax filing will result in a penalty. If you do not file anything, even too late, will result in an ex officio assessment. In other words, in attention from the tax office. Attention you do not need, hence we suggest to file in time, or contact us if you need assistance.

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