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New arrival in the Netherlands, please do not forget to check if you can have income tax back

Arriving from abroad to the Netherlands makes you become a tax immigrant in the year of arrival. That implies you file a tax return in the country you left and in the arriving country, being the Netherlands. Should you leave the Netherlands, the situation is vice versa.

During the year of arrival you might have taken up employment and the employer is processing the payroll for you. The employer cannot take into account the fact that you arrived, so the payroll is processed as if you were the full year in the Netherlands. That implies too much social premiums have been collected.

We can claim the too much paid social premiums back for you at a fixed fee. The tax return can be filed during a period of five years after the year has closed. So you now you can still file 2008 to 2012 until December 31st. From January next the period is 2009 to 2013.

The further away you arrived from January 1 or December 31st, the higher the refund is. Please ask us to make a check on the money you can have back. Checking is free of charge.

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