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Dutch tax amnesty ending in 2014

Being a Dutch tax resident implies you need to report your world wide income and assets in your Dutch income tax return. Some tax residents have either not understood this, or very well understood this and not reported some of their income and assets in the income tax return. The most common example is the Swiss bank account, but as Swiss bank accounts are now going to inform the Dutch tax office about the account holders and the contains of the accounts, it might be time to present the tax details to the tax office yourself. Why?

The penalty for not providing the income and assets details can go up to 300% of the tax amount due. Serious fines. But basically the fine should not be the reason why you report the income, the obligation as a result of you being a Dutch tax resident should be the reason why you need to comply with the rules.

What can you do to prevent paying this huge fine?

You can come clean and use the amnesty period up to July 1 next. During that period you can file the correct tax returns and before you send them, you inform the tax office that you are going to use the amnesty possibility. You also need to explain how it came that this income was not reported, where the income finds it origin and such kind of details.

If the above applies to you, please do not wait too long, as missing the July 1, 2014 deadline in this case is a waste of money in the form of fines.

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