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Filing 2013 Dutch personal income tax return – entrepreneurs

This week you received the invitation from the Dutch tax office to file your 2013 personal income tax return. We will be glad to complete your personal income tax return for you.

In order to be able to complete your 2013 personal income tax return, we would like to receive the following information:

– If possible the original invitation/tax return received;
– Your 2013 annual income statement from your employment;
– If applicable your 2013 annual mortgage statement and 2013 WOZ value of the house;
– Gifts (please state name and amount per foundation) paid in 2013;
– Any extra pension premiums paid directly to a Dutch insurance company in 2013;
– Study costs paid in 2013 exceeding the amount of € 500;
– The 2013 illness costs that were not reimbursed and that are substantial;
– If you own more than € 21.139 (tax free amount) in world wide assets, please provide us with all bank balances, shares/bonds assets and real estate assets valued as per January 1, 2013. For tax partners the tax free amount totals € 42.278 instead of € 21.139. 30% ruling holders do not need to provide any of this information.

Please forward the collected information preferably copied to our office (P.O. Box 75524, 1070 AM Amsterdam). You can also scan and mail the information to

The rule of the tax office is: if filed before April 1, you receive the (refund) assessment before July 1. If you file after April 1, it can take up to three years before you learn anything. When you would like to file before April 1, then please provide us with the details as soon as possible.

Our fee for the services of the filing of the personal income tax return is € 500,00 excluding VAT.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you require any further information or assistance.

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