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New employment rules 2015: Giving notice

Giving notice has a new meaning as per January 1, 2015. In case of a temporary contract an employee needs to be informed of the company´s intention to either continue or terminate the contract. This needs to be done sooner than one month before the agreed end date of the contract.

If the information (termination or continuance) was not -timely- done, the employer is obliged to pay the employee a penalty of one gross monthly salary.

Giving notice that the employee can stay

In case the employer is too late, he needs to pay that extra month. So if the contract is terminated and the ex employee informs the unemployment agency of the employer being too late, the unemployment agency will come for this one month, as then they do not need to pay the employee the first month, even in the event the contract is extended.

Hence giving notice has a new meaning in 2015. It is no longer only “ You are fired” like Donald Trump likes to yell, but it is now also “ You are very much desired”.

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