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VAT invoice requirements – invoice numbers

VAT invoice requirements is part of the EU legislation and very important for an entrepreneur to take into account. Among these requirements are the invoice numbers. Are you using the correct invoice numbers on your invoice?

The invoice number needs to be a sequel from which it becomes clear that numbers are missing. 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10. You can see 6 is missing. If you can see this, then the tax office can see this and the first question asked during the audit will be: where is invoice number 6?

Invoice numbers related to the month cannot be correct

What we experience a lot are invoice numbers related to the dates. January is 201401, February is 201402. Not only does this method not provide the possibility to issue more than one invoice per month. Moreover, it is not sequel proof. We change the year to 2015 and you issue the invoice of January, being 201501. The last invoice of 2014 was December, 201412.

What would be the first question the tax office will ask? Indeed, where are invoices 201412 to 201500. Not sequel proof, hence not VAT proof, resulting in issues with the tax office.

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