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Have you filed your 2009 personal income tax return? Last chance!

Dutch tax returns can be filed for a maximum period of five year back. We now live in the year 2014, hence that implies you can file your 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009 tax return. The 2009 tax return you can still file up to December 31 next. Have you done this already?

Even if you only had simple employment income, the 2009 income tax return could be important. You will not get a tax refund, but if you earned in 2010 or 2011 for some reason much more or much less income, you can average out the tax (middelling). What does this imply?

Roughly it works like this. You earn EUR 70.000 and pay 52% tax in one year, you earn EUR 70.000 in the other year and the next year you earned nothing. On average you earned EUR 46.000 in the 42% tax bracket, but you paid 52% tax. By requesting for the averaging out (middelling) you can have a tax refund based on 42% tax over EUR 46.000 average income. The more freakish difference in income, the higher the refund. There is a substantial threshold that limits the refund possibilities.

Last change to file your 2009 income tax return

In case you owned a house for which you paid mortgage interest and you had a Dutch taxable income, you can deduct the mortgage interest from your taxable income. We learn on a daily basis that there are Dutch tax payers that either forgot to claim back the mortgage interest or have not come to it yet. This is your last chance for 2009.

So please check your files and determine whether you need to file the 2009 income tax return.

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