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January 2015 is the time to change your payroll provider

The payroll is provided based on accumulated data. That implies you can only process any month in a year, if the previous months of that concerning calendar year have been processed as well.

Change your payroll providerduring the year implies that the new payroll provider needs to process again the payroll of the previous calendar months of that concerning year as well to get a good match on the accumulated data.

January is a good month for you as employer to change from payroll provider as January is the first month in the accumulated data, hence no extra work to be done that was already done by the previous payroll provider.

The reason for changing from payroll provider can be numerous. One of them being that your company has employees in multiple countries. If you have your payroll done via the world wide known payroll companies, then the costs might be too high in relation to the size of your company. But it is also possible that you are a too small a client for these world wide operating companies to receive the service you expected.

We offer domestic, European and world wide payroll services. Fully managed services, where we can also process the payments for you in such a manner that you pay one amount to us and we arrange for payments to the employees, tax office and social institutes. Our contract is based on the mutual desire to have a good working relation, hence not based on claiming you for a fixed period during which you cannot leave, if you would like to.

Feel free to send us a message requesting for a quote or a meeting.

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