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Job offer from International organization

What if get a job offer from international organization where you can work for that company in the Netherlands, but that company does not have a registration in the Netherlands. Is that a problem?

No, that is not a problem. Based on the tax treaties your employment income is subject to tax in the Netherlands. Even if no office or other permanent establishment is present in the Netherlands, the international organization can be registered for wage tax purposes in the Netherlands and the payroll can be executed. We will be glad to assist.

The above is simple, effective and legal.

We do stumble on homemade solutions to the above mentioned offer. A construction of legal entities is opened, which will invoice the international organization etc. This is not only incorrect, because there is an employment relation with the international organization and not a subcontractor relation.

Besides being incorrect, the employee is put in the position of entrepreneur that brings other obligations besides the labour being done. There needs to be done a bookkeeping, filing VAT returns, corporate tax returns. There is legislation about the amount of salary you need to receive being the managing director major shareholder of your company. Incorporating a legal entity in another country with a branch in the Netherlands will not solve this issue.

Moreover, if you are employed like you should have been, the contract is subject to Dutch labour law legislation. If you are changing the employment into a construction to entrepreneurship, no labour law legislation applies. This is not in the interest of you, being the employee.

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