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Year end meeting with the employee, a HR manager tool

The year is ending almost and this is the time to evaluate the year with your employees. Have you never done this, it is never too late too start.

Year end meeting

A year end meeting is to discuss with the employee the goals set, goals met or other achievements of the year. It is also a good moment to inform the employee that you are very much satisfied with the job done or effort put into the company. Always much appreciated.

For the good news message the year end evaluation is less important, it is the bad news message. The message in which you criticize the employee for not meeting the goals set. Discuss how that was possible. You might think the employee did not perform good enough, but the employee might inform you that more support of the company would have helped meeting the goal.

In the case where the employee did not meet your desire at all, address the topic and investigate in the response of the employee if there is an explanation for the lack of performance. The employee might indicate that the current level of work is exceeding his or her ability. Set new achievable goals for the coming period.

The most important part of the meeting is to put what has been discussed in writing and have it signed by the concerning employee as well. The employee is not required to sign the evaluation form created.

Employee file crucial in court cases

By doing this you create an employee file, the most important file in case the continuance of the employment agreement is under discussion. If it turns out that the employee is not performing, then this file can show you addressed the issue, made suggestions and evaluated this case again. This is important information in case of a involuntary dismissal.

Better to start with these employee files when everybody is still happy and maybe the file is never required to be used.

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