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Status disability insurance

Working as a freelancer, managing director shareholder BV company or entrepreneur via so called one man company implies you are not insured for disability. What is the case?

A regular employee in the Netherlands is socially insured in the Netherlands for unemployment, illness, disability, old age pension. Even though the benefits are limited to maximum day rates, in case of the employee no longer being able to work either to illness or old age, there is a benefit to be received.

No disability benefit

Entrepreneurs working via their own BV company or other limited liability company, one man company (eenmanszaak) or freelance are not socially insured for unemployment, illness and disability. That implies that these insurances need to be taken out. When you obtain offers for such insurances you will immediately learn that the premium amounts are rather high. The older you are, the more hazardous you are for the risk calculation, the higher the premium is.

Even though the premiums are substantial we never the less recommend strongly to take out such insurance. If you become disabled for any reason, like skiing accident, work related accident, or no accident, but you have become disabled due to illness, you have no income. If you have no income, you cannot pay for the rent or the mortgage and before you know it, you have arrived at a spot in life you wish nobody to get there.

Update your disability insurance

If you do have such an insurance, please make sure you update this insurance with your current income or understand the outcome of this insurance in case the insured event occurs.

Disability insurance premium tax deductible

The premium paid for this insurance is tax deductible in the income tax return.

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