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IT recruiter India

One of the most required position in the Netherlands is that of the IT consultant. IT recruiters are the busiest recruiters and a lot of IT employees are recruited from India, the country known for its highly educated work force. The Indian employee on his turn would like to know what he can expect in the Netherlands. Recently the Netherlands made a social security agreement with India.

Social security treaty Netherlands – India

This agreement determines that if the Indian employee is employed with an Indian company and assigned to work in the Netherlands, this employee can remain socially insured up to a period of 60 months in India.

Seconded to the Netherlands

That implies that the salary earned in the Netherlands is only subject to wage tax and no social premiums. This makes it more clear for the Indian employee what to expect from the Dutch salary. Moreover, should the Indian employee become ill or unemployed, this employee will always return to his home country and make use of the facilities there. By continuing the social premium payment in India, this is also possible.

Dutch Indian opportunity

For a Dutch employer to benefit from this social treaty between the Netherlands and India the Dutch employer should set up a base in India. There the Indian persons are being employed and seconded to the Netherlands. Before the Indian employees are seconded it is key to express exactly to the Indian employee what will be the net amount in his bank account. In order to prevent disappointments.Indian Dutch social security treaty

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