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2015 – file your income tax return of the five previous years

The normal date before which you should have filed your tax return of the previous year is April 1. This year the April 1 deadline has been postponed to May 1. What if you have not done so? Are you required to file the income tax return?

You are obliged to file an income tax return if you have been invited by the Dutch tax office to file this income tax return, or if you know that you are due to pay income tax.

When do you need to pay income tax?

  • You had a source of income and no wage tax was collected. For instance you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or you had a similar source of income not being a hobby.
  • Your assets exceed the threshold.
  • You had multiple employments at the same time, or in the same year.

In these cases you are most likely due to pay income tax, hence you are obliged to file the income tax return.

It is also possible that you can claim back income tax, when it that the case?

  • You paid for tuition fee
  • You made considerable illness costs which were not compensated by an insurance company
  • You made considerable donations to Dutch recognized charity organizations
  • You purchased a house and you have not claimed the mortgage deduction yet.
  • You worked only during a certain period of the year, not the full year, but you were a tax resident the full year.

A tax return should then result in a refund and you can still file the tax return five years back.

Orange tax services team

We can assist you in the filing of the income tax return. For the tuition fee refund you need to be aware of the fact that the costs you made should be filed in a tax return, even if you had no taxable income in that concerning year. This loss is forwarded to the year you do have a taxable income and set off against that year, resulting in a refund.IMG_10

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