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Japanese Dutch friendship treaty

In the Netherlands we have rules with respect to persons arriving in the Netherlands to stay and to work. If you are from within the EU, you can easily arrive in the Netherlands and work. If you are from outside the Netherlands, you need to apply for a residence and work visa. There are two exceptions to the rule: the USA and Japan.

Japanese Dutch Friendship treaty

This treaty basically implies that if you would like to work in the Netherlands and you have the Japanese nationality, that you do not need to apply for the same type of residence and work visa as other nationalities need to do. If you can support yourself and invest at least EUR 4500 in a company then you can stay and work in the Netherlands.

Japanese Dutch friendship treaty

One of the requirements is a Dutch Chambers of Commerce registration and a business plan. Both are not that difficult to arrange. The business plan is basically in writing the idea you have to generate an income. You can copy paste plans others have done, but that will be recognized and is not helping your business. We have the opinion that when you put on paper what you will be doing, why you will make a difference, how you tend to get clients and you put numbers of turnover and costs against that, you have a business plan. Then you also have a name for the business. With that name you visit the Chambers of Commerce and you have a registration arranged.

Orange Tax Services

How can we assist you? We can help you make the choice between registering a so called one man company and a limited liability company, that is called a BV company in the Netherlands. There are pros and cons for both, best is to discuss this in a meeting with us. The first meeting in this respect is free of charge.

The next step is either registering this one man company or start the incorporation of the BV company, we can assist you with both. The following step is to have the company properly registered with the Dutch tax office and to meet the filing requirements set by the Dutch tax office.

We can assist you with all aspects of your company and most services we have fixed fees for. Please visit our website to read more about our services in Japanese.

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