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The expat housing seminar – Buying a house and tax

The current situation in the Netherlands is that you can loan money at a historic low interest percentage to purchase a house that will become your main residence. The expat housing seminar is there to help you.

We experience that the monthly costs for a mortgage loan set off against the monthly rent an expat pays is enormous. Why is this enormous? Renting in the Netherlands is not this easy. Dutch are registered on a so called social housing waiting list and if you have waited for about 15 years, you might be able to qualify for a house at low rental costs.

Expats suddenly arrive in the Netherlands, hence cannot use the low renting houses. That explains why they are charged with the rents they pay. This also makes expats look at alternatives and in a market with low interest rates and rising house prices, purchasing property for personal use, even for a couple of years, can be very beneficially.

Expat housing seminar

How to purchase a house?

That said where to start? Even for Dutch, highly educated or not, the process of purchasing a house is a path seldom walked, constantly under construction.

That is why the Expat Housing Seminar is introduced. At no costs we welcome you to take part. We hope to provide you with an enjoyable evening where we inform you about the aspects of purchasing a house.

Mortgage expert
That implies a mortgage expert will inform you about loaning money.

Real estate agent
A housing expert informs you about aspects involving in purchasing a house.

Notary and tax advisor
The notary informs you about the legal aspect and the tax advisor (Orange Tax) updates you on the tax benefits of purchasing a house.

May we recommend you to register yourself for this seminar. Next upcoming seminar is September 6 in Amsterdam.

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